March 2016 Featured Add-ons

Pick of the Month: Tab Memory Usage

by Jeremy Schomery
Tab Memory Usage displays the amount of memory used in each of your open tabs.

“Works for me just like the name says, displays memory usage next to the tab name. Simple, awesome.”

Featured: ImTranslator

by Smart Link Corporation
Choose translations in 70+ languages by comparing results from Google, Microsoft, and Babylon translation services. Features also include text-to-speech, dictionary, and back translations.

“I’m on the Web 12 hours a day using Firefox, and I have ImTranslator running all the time.”

1 response

  1. ferongr wrote on :

    Tab Memory Usage doesn’t really do what it promises and in many cases shows wildly inaccurate results. It may show the memory usage of JS, style and DOM, it misses things like decoded video and image data that can really balloon memory usage. Combined with the overhead (both in CPU time and memory) of running the memory reporter all the time, I’d say it’s of questionable value.