September 2016 Featured Add-ons

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Pick of the Month: Multi Links Plus

by Geoffrey De Belie
Open, copy, and bookmark multiple links at the same time. No need to handle them individually anymore!

“Perfect, can’t live without it 🙂 Thanks.”

Featured: Tab Reloader

by James Fray
Very easy-to-use tab reloader with customizable reload times per tab.

“I tried a number of different add-ons to automatically reload tabs, and this is the only one I found that works—even with JavaScript disabled—which is a huge bonus.”

Featured: History Submenus II

by Merci Chao
Add sub-menus to the History Menu for your previous days’ history.

“This extension solved a long-time problem of opening the History Menu only to see that what I’m looking for is older, so I had to close it and then open the History Sidebar. Now I get it all in one place!”

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2 responses

  1. Kit Siddal wrote on :

    You know that Multi Links Plus no longer works in 48.0.2? 8 days after you highlight it as your pick of the month? Smh.

    1. Scott DeVaney wrote on :

      Hi, Kit. I just re-installed Multi Links Plus on 48.0.2 and it appears to work fine for me. It handled multiple links, opened them in new tabs, I bookmarked them. What sort of troubles are you running into?