April’s Featured Add-ons

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Pick of the Month: Bulk Media Downloader

by InBasic
Manage large media downloads—audio, images, and video—with this lightweight tool.

“Very useful.”

Featured: Desktop Messenger for Telegram™

by Elen Norphen
Put Telegram right in your toolbar.

“Easy to locate groups, delete messages, and know everything stays secures. Keep up the good work!!!.”

Featured: Google™ Keep

by Philip Tholus, Morni Colhker
Have a notepad with you at all times.

“We have this proxy security stuff at work, and I can’t connect to Google Keep at work. No extensions worked in Chrome, and only one extension worked with FireFox. This way firefox became my default browser. Thank you.”

Featured: Font Finder (revived)

by Andy Portmen
Instantly analyze any font you find on the internet. This is a great tool for designers and developers.

“With one click, an entire paragraph’s font family, color (both hex and RGB), spacing, transformation, and element details are shown. “

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Featured add-ons are selected by a community board made up of add-on developers, users, and fans. Board members change every six months. Here’s further information on AMO’s featured content policies.

If you’d like to nominate an add-on for featuring, please send it to amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!

3 comments on “April’s Featured Add-ons”

  1. gr wrote on

    Yes but, in an extension i want to have all the links on the active tab, how do that ? tabs property don’t have the document property of the tabs ?

    And now i’ve tried a simple extension, it work good with firefox developper edition but not at all with firefox standart version and there”s no error message, the extension install “sucessfully” but in fact there’s nothing ! I don’t have any information about why the addon is not loaded in firefox standart edition (and the same xpi version work good in developper edition !!)

    The sample in your webextension page are only for very simple addons.

  2. kup wrote on

    Heh, I’ve tried to send my add-on past week or two to this contest, and you know, what? I received a bot message, that “your letter is bigger than 100 kb”! Are you kidding me?! Are you serious?! My add-on sizing near about 110 kb – and this is a full stop, a deadline, I may GTFO. Thank you, AMO, appreciate that, you’re the best!
    P.S.: If you have ANY limitations (letter size, add-on’s architecture, currency rate, Galaxy diameter – whatever), be so kind to tell about that in your conditions. Neh…

  3. Webmaster wrote on

    Google keep is a good one, but I love google email sending addons, where I can send email for one click.