August’s Featured Extensions

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Pick of the Month: Grammarly

by Grammarly
It’s like having an expert proofreader with you at all times. Grammarly offers contextual spell checks (it understands the distinction between “there” and “their” unlike 98% of English-speaking humans) as well as grammar edits.

“As a student at a university, this is the perfect tool to correct all of my writing mistakes.”

Featured: FoxyTab

by erosman
Enjoy a suite of tab related actions, like copy all URLs, close multiple tabs, tab duplication, and more.

“This literally saved my day. Especially someone like me who works as an administrator and moderator on multiple forums, this is a great tool.”

Featured: Zoom Page WE

by DW-dev
Use full-page zoom, text-only zoom, fit-to-width feature, and other ways to focus in on Web pages.

“This is the best text zooming add-on you can find.”

Featured: Save All Images

by belav
Detects all images on any given page and presents a simple way to instantly download them.

“Very useful.”

Featured: YouTube Dark Mode

by HTCom
Turn YouTube completely dark to enhance your viewing experience.

“Simple, effective, no unintentional side effects.”

Featured: EPUBReader

by EPUBReader
Read ebook files right in your browser.

“Works flawlessly.”

Featured: Tab Auto Refresh

by Alex
Automatically refresh tabs based on custom time intervals.

“This is the first auto reload/refresh Firefox extension that I’ve found that can be customized for each tab that I have.”

Featured: TinEye Reverse Image Search

by TinEye
A new kind of reverse image searcher that uses image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata, or watermarks.

“If the image in question can’t be found, this finds it.”

Featured: Awesome Screenshot Plus

by Diigo Inc.
Take full page or partial screen grabs. Annotate with text and graphics. Store and share files. This is a full-service screenshot tool.

“It gives you a lot of options to edit, email, print. You will not be sorry!”

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6 responses

  1. David wrote on :

    Gotta call bullshit on this.

    EPUBReader: “Works flawlessly.” Not sure where you pulled that quote from, but it’s almost guaranteed to be referring to the old, legacy version of the addon. 14 out of 22 comments for the new 2.0+ version of the addon — the WebExtension version — give it a 1 star rating. One of the 5 star rating tells you to install version 1.5, because that one actually works.

    Overall, this seems disingenuous at best.

    Not familiar with the rest of the addons, except for Zoom Page WE, which has been associated with poor performance and bugs in the latest nightlies.

    1. Nikolaos wrote on :

      I do not have the problems you describe with Zoom Page, it works smoothly on my Nightly. But in any case, you shouldn’t test and judge performance or anything on nightly as it is not stable.

  2. Ulf3000 wrote on :

    the featured addons list is always a good laugh

    1. Thrawn wrote on :

      Of course, all the addons on this list are “Firefox 57+ compatible”.

      A pity that only one of the top 10 most popular extensions is similarly compatible…

  3. Ricky Dickson wrote on :

    I hope they’ve improved it since I last used it, which wasn’t all that long ago, it was a disaster, to be frank!
    You couldn’t sign in to the website/your a/c + it just didn’t work well in your browser. Great tool, but, like I said, not so much as an add-on, in my experience, which is all I’m working from…..

    1. Nikolaos wrote on :

      Which extension are you referring to?