May’s Featured Extensions

Firefox Logo on blue background

Pick of the Month: Forget Me Not

by Lusito
Make Firefox forget website data like cookies, local storage, and more—while retaining data for only the websites you place on your whitelist.

“This extension is absolutely excellent, it works seamlessly and intuitively.”

Featured: Image Search Options

by Xamayon
Utilize a suite of customizable reverse image search options in a convenient context menu.

“Somebody listens! The ability to fine tune a context add-on. This one lets you open in a new tab OR window, choose which search engines or another program to search in, as well as save your preferences. Good Show!”

Featured: Kimetrak

by David L.
See at a glance what third party domains are tracking you. Or take a deeper look through a detailed statistics and analysis dashboard.

“Awesome extension to track those who are tracking you.”

Featured: Translate Now

by Geoffrey De Belie
Select text on any web page and right-click to open a new tab to display your translated word or phrase.

“Best translation (extension), as it’s the only one that works with DeepL — the only translator that’s worth it.”

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