Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge

Vote for the Winners of the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge

Thank you to everyone who submitted extensions to the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge!

Our judges reviewed more than 100 submissions and have selected the finalists for each prize category. Now, it’s time for the add-on community to vote for the winners. Use Firefox Beta or Firefox Developer Edition and take these extensions for a test drive (many of the APIs used are not yet available on Firefox 59, the current release), then vote for your favorites here. (And hey, if you really love an extension, maybe consider writing a review?)

Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 29, 2018. Winners will be announced on May 8, 2018.

Your finalists are…

Best Tab Manager/Tab Organizer

Best Dynamic Theme

Best Extension for Games & Entertainment

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10 comments on “Vote for the Winners of the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge”

  1. glitsj16 wrote on

    Not to downplay the role of the judges, nor the time and effort they put in during their selection process, but is there a *full* listing somewhere of all submissions?

  2. Nothan wrote on

    Is it possible to change your vote by resubmitting a form?
    It seems I made my conclusion a bit too soon.
    Session Sync has some poor performance to the extend of freezing my browser.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Nothan — you can email me your final choices at cneiman [at] mozilla [dot] com and I’ll revise your entry. 🙂

    2. Gabriel Ivanica wrote on

      Hi Nothan,
      I’m the developer of Session Sync. Sorry for using the forum to ask this but can you please tell me or contact me via email (you can find it in the addon page) what do you mean by poor performance? I can’t find any valid reason why the addon would freeze the browser and I would like to know what you did in this case. I put a lot of effort into making it as lite as possible to the browser and performance should definitely not be an issues. I didn’t try saving 1000 bookmarks at once, (that’s definitely outside of what I would call browser session) but even with 200 bookmarks should definitely not be a problem. I tested it with around 200, you have to wait like 1 seconds to save them but were talking about something very unusual I would say. Of course, how old the PC is might matter here, it might take a little more time but outside of saving the addon does not affect the overall PC performance in any way. The only thing that works in background is the auto-save history that can be disabled as well.
      Thank you
      Gabriel Ivanica

      1. Nothan wrote on

        I don’t have it installed anymore.
        But I remember the “show all windows” button not working, the view re-rendering every time a tab updated, something slow with session updating (can’t remember), and freezing when restoring a session. My computer performs fine. I have quite some tabs though, that could be it I guess.

        Didn’t end up changing my vote btw.
        The other session extension nullified restored tabs after a restart of Firefox -_-

        1. Gabriel wrote on

          Thanks for the info. It’s was really valuable. As you say the re-rendering every time a tab is updated might create some lag if you have a lot a lot of tabs that change often. I think I have a pretty good idea of what might have happened and some improvements to do for the next update. Thanks a lot.

  3. Al wrote on

    Good luck to all contestants!

    As there are some extensions without any contact information, some feedback here:
    “Web Invaders” – it showed a red dot when I clicked it, hovering it said “Loading”, but that was it. Tried it on several websites with Firefox 60.0b16

  4. spikespaz wrote on

    I’m just happy enough to be a finalist! Thanks for being awesome Mozilla!

    1. Sylvain Giroux wrote on

      Good luck spikespaz! Thank you for your contribution to AMO and to the wonderful world of WebExtensions!

  5. Theenadayalan wrote on

    I am really happy to have been selected to be a finalist. Thank You team for the quick review and kind response. Special Thanks to Caitlin for letting me know the issues in my addon.