Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge

Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge Winners

The results are in for the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge! We were thrilled to see so many creative, helpful, and delightful submission entries.


After our judging panel selected finalists from more than 100 submitted entries, the add-ons community voted for each category winner. The winners were announced for the first time  during the livestream broadcast of the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge Awards. A recording of the event is available on Air Mozilla.

These extensions bring great functionality and delight to Firefox, so please check them out. Congratulations to the winners!

Best Tab Manager / Tab Organizer

Winner – Session Sync

by Gabriel Ivanica

This extension can edit, save, change, and restore sessions. Sessions can be saved as bookmarks and synced using Firefox Sync.

Well done. Manages sessions in an intuitive way. UX is polished and works extremely well.”

Runner Up – Tip Tab

by William Wng

Navigate the browser tabs with window screenshots.

Best Dynamic Theme

Winner – Envify

by Yoann Lecuyer

Have you ever wanted a quick way to tell if you are in a staging or production environment? This extension will change your Firefox theme every time you switch environments.

Simple but practical idea, particularly for webmasters.”

Runner up – Native Dark

by spikespaz

Replace Firefox’s default themes with adaptive colorization of the title bar, tabs, and URL bar based on the accent color of your current window.

Best Extension for Games & Entertainment

Winner – Worldwide Radio

by Oleksandr

Listen to live radio stations from around the world and create custom playlists.

“This is a really cool radio add-on with radio stations from all over the world. You can favorite stations, search by country and adjust sound. Listening to Indian radio might become my new favorite hobby.”

Runner up – Web Invaders

By Yalini

Space invaders have come to the web and it’s up to you to fight them off!

4 comments on “Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge Winners”

  1. Kees wrote on

    What I’m missing is an add-on to divide my browser-window so that 2 tabs are visible next to each other in a proper way (i.e. not using windows to emulate this)…

    Assuming that this is possible again (it was in the XUL world…………… *sigh* ), anybody who want to create this?

    1. spikespaz wrote on

      You mean like groups of tabs? Yeah this might not be possible unfortunately.

  2. RealTalk wrote on

    Nothing is really possible with junk chrome clone browser anymore… to think it used to be the best.

  3. Meh wrote on

    Meh, only toys are possible now.