Knowledge Sharing- Popped!

When we first thought about Knowledge Capture at Mozilla, we were conflicted.  We wanted to use video because it’s easy to share, it’s on-demand and works for teams and Mozillians who are super geo-distrubuted. Here’s the conflict: On the one hand, video is a great way to share knowledge.  On the other hand, it can put the viewer in the position of just that: viewer-passive consumer of information.  That’s why we are so excited about Popcorn.  A way to take us from passive listener to something else.

“Imagine if every video we watched on the web, worked like the web.  Completely re-mixable, linked to it’s source content and interactive for everyone who views it.”  Ryan Merkley, COO Mozilla Foundation.

How will Popcorn impact knowledge sharing through video at Mozilla and beyond?

Here’s a peek into what’s possible: