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Mozillians around the world answering your questions!

A Mozilla Rep named Tanner Filip from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has organized a reddit IAmA for Mozillians which is currently LIVE and will end on Oct. 25th  at approximately 11:15 am PT / 20:15 CET/ 17:15 UTC.

Here’s the link to join in on the conversation:

If you’re not familiar with reddit IAmA/AMA, it stands for “I am a (insert title), ask me anything” that allows the reddit community to pose questions to prominent people or groups. This has become a popular engagement outlet – U.S. President Obama participated in an IAmA last month,  and the Mozilla dev team has conducted IAmAs in the past:

FF for Android dev team:
Firefox 4 dev team:

The Q&A is typically active for about 24 hours after going live.

We’ll all be coordinating in #iama on IRC  and we’ll also be using #iama as our hashtag.

Please join and spread the word!

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