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Learnings from my shoot

The Capture Mozilla project scales knowledge through short video.  Soon we’ll have a dedicated channel on Air.Mozilla (thank you Richard and Zandr!) and we’ll be populating it with knowledge from every edge of the project.

It’s one thing for people to consume knowledge through video, it’s another to put knowledge in video.  In the last few days I’ve captured a few videos and right now waiting for another submission.  Here are some learnings:

-BE BRIEF- It’s surprising how much LESS explanation we need when it’s on video

-BE LIGHT- if the voice over (V/O) is too heavy, it’s hard to sit through more than a few minutes

-BE VISUAL- using a screen cast?  Great visuals will help us get the message.  Walk us through something on the web, build something before our eyes, invite us to do with with you!