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Helping you do the hard things

Mike Morgan, Director of Web Development said in a talk he gave last year: “The best resource we have is each other.”  Is he right or what?

Need help doing the hard stuff?  Don’t do it alone.

Capture Mozilla shares this video about one simple thing you can do to grow yourself and use what’s here.

Get a Mentor

Get a Mentor

Have a story about one thing you did to leverage the unbelievable power of another Mozillian?  Capture it on your desktop, tablet or mobile device and email it to

Capture Mozilla wants to know:

  • what challenge were you facing?
  • who did you reach out to?
  • what help or support did you get?
  • how did it influence your impact?

Tips:  Make it simple, it doesn’t have to be fancy, good light is good and make sure we can hear you. We can’t wait to hear your stories.