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Badges and a Short Vid!

The Capture Mozilla project is now awarding badges for all versions of awesome video knowledge share submitted to the project.  And, you don’t have to be on camera to make a meaningful contribution.

Capture Mozilla Badge

Capture Mozilla Badge

Can you hold a recording device? Can you put together a story flow or short curriculum? Can you help someone use IMovie or record something on Quicktime?  Can you just cheer someone on while they capture their knowledge on video? Than you can help and get a badge for it!

Think you need to be fancy to make a video?  David Boswell proves fanciness and artistic prowess are not required to help another Mozillian navigate the culture.

Here David gives an insider tip on getting things done in the Mozilla way.  Thanks David!

2 comments on “Badges and a Short Vid!”

  1. dboswell wrote on

    I hope that the half of my face that made it into the video is saying something that people will find helpful 🙂

    1. Dia Bondi wrote on

      me too! We know it’s the best half, the one with the mouth on it!