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  1. Gervase Markham wrote on

    I have a press impact report for this event, which gives us a chance to see what people were saying, and also which news organizations have managed to do “Good URLs don’t change”.

    Thumbs down for news.com, eweek, Red Herring and Internet News:


    Thumbs up for the FT, computerworld.com.au, Internet Week, and The Register:



  2. Gervase Markham wrote on

    Here’s the email which went to contributors a few days before the announcement:

    Dear Mozilla Contributor,

    The Mozilla Foundation is going to be making a significant
    organizational announcement Wednesday morning (PST). As a valued member
    of the Mozilla community, we would like to let you know about this
    change before we make the announcement. If you are comfortable with not
    talking to anyone about this information until we formally make the
    announcement, please let me know and I will send you a follow up


    Here’s the text of the follow up e-mail which explains the change. I
    copied a few items straight from the public FAQ.

    On Wednesday, the Mozilla Foundation will be announcing the creation of
    a wholly owned subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation to do product
    development and distribution of Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird
    and related Mozilla branded products based on the Mozilla open source
    code base.

    This decision is a direct result of the success of the Mozilla project
    and the Mozilla Foundation in driving widespread adoption of Firefox
    and other Mozilla-based products. Establishing a separate subsidiary,
    the Mozilla Corporation, to handle
    this productization of Mozilla technologies enables the Mozilla
    Foundation to devote its full attention to the task of supporting the
    Mozilla project and community; having the Mozilla Corporation handle
    revenue-generating activities associated with these products also
    allows the Mozilla Foundation to achieve its goals while still itself
    remaining a tax-exempt organization.

    There will be plenty of documentation and information (***make this
    text a link to the announcement page***) available on
    Wednesday, after the announcement,  that will go into much more detail
    about this change than I am.  However, here are a few high level points:

    * The two entities share the same goal; to promote choice and
    innovation on the Internet. The Mozilla
    Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation,
    with a board of directors appointed by and held accountable to the
    Mozilla Foundation board.
    The two entities will work in an ongoing, collaborative process.

    * Again, the subsidiary is a wholly owned entity of the Mozilla
    Foundation, there is no stock or employee stake in the corporation.

    * This change should not have any impact for Mozilla hackers. The
    mechanisms driving the development of the
    code base have not changed. Module owners, drivers, reviewers, and
    super-reviewers all maintain their authority, and existing processes
    and policies remain in place.
    * Most of the existing Mozilla Foundation employees will move to
    the Mozilla Corporation.

    * The Mozilla Corporation will handle the product releases of
    Firefox and Thunderbird. We (Foundation and Corporation) won’t have
    separate versions of the products. Of course, others may still
    distribute versions of Firefox and Thunderbird in
    accordance with the Mozilla trademark policy.
    * The products will still be free. The development will still be
    open source.

    * This decision was made by the Mozilla Foundation board of
    directors with the help of an advisory committee that consisted of
    several community members,

    As a valued member of our community, we wanted to let you know about
    this change before the announcement.  We appreciate your co-operation
    in not discussing this with anyone until the announcement is made on
    Wednesday August 3rd. Going forward, we’ll be relying on your input and
    feedback  as we try to figure out answers to the various issues that
    will come up as a result of this announcement.


    Scott is Scott MacGregor.


    1. Gervase Markham wrote on

      To be more clear: that’s what Scott sent to the staff for approval. So contributors got the top section asking for discretion and then, if they replied, the bottom section. The text in italics is Scott’s explanation to staff; it wasn’t part of either email.