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  1. Yunier J wrote on :

    The Cuban community too made a Firefox logo on University of Informatics Science . Her can find more photos http://firefoxmania.uci.cu/comunidad/comunidad-actividades/logo-firefox-gigante/, enjoy it.

  2. Gervase Markham wrote on :

    We collaborated with Chris DiBona at Google to get the Firefox crop circle to show up on Google Maps at an accelerated schedule. And, in fact, it’s still there as of today:
    You can zoom in pretty far – the detail is very good. Not sure if they managed to task a specific satellite pass, or whether they used a plane and manipulated the image. Looks a different colour from the rest, so either it was always that way, or that tile has some sort of internal “preservation order” on it so it hasn’t changed when the other ones have. The surrounding imagery is marked (C) 2013, but I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean it was taken then.

    Here’s the website all about the event: