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Firefox 22 New Contributors

With the release of Firefox 22, we are pleased to welcome the 42 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 30 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions:

And thanks to Seif Lotfy and Josh Matthews for generating this report.

7 comments on “Firefox 22 New Contributors”

  1. Fred Sprague wrote on

    When using usb mouse with Firefox for android (latest release 6/24/2013), scrolling on web pages is is not correct – it is inverted, and not the same as other apps/browsers. It has been this way since it was finally added to the browser. Right now, this is the primary reason I do not/will not use Firefox as my primary browser.

    1. dboswell wrote on

      It looks like there’s an open bug about making the scrolling behavior something that can be changed based on people’s preference. Find out more at

  2. Anthony wrote on

    I updated to Firefox 22 a few days ago it worked fine until I went to then I started getting a javascript error then I turned off javascript in Firefox 22 and it worked fine on I’m using Google Chrome until the javascript error problem is fixed in the next update hopefully soon. Please let me know when their will be an update fix for Firefox 22.

    1. dboswell wrote on

      I’m sorry to hear you’re running into an error with Firefox. I checked our support site and it sounds like this error may be due to an extension that is causing a conflict with the latest update. This support article has information about how to troubleshoot extension issues.

  3. Anthony wrote on

    Thanks for the link it helped solve my problem. The Firefox extension that was causing my problem was a Facebook Photo Theater killer that was causing the javascript error with Firefox 22. So I disabled it and it stopped doing the javascript error. I hope that they update the Facebook Photo Theater killer soon to make it work with Firefox 22. Anyway Thanks for the help.

  4. Keith wrote on

    Firefox 22 worked fine until I found it was incompatible with bestvideodownloader, which I had used for some time with Youtube on previous versions of Firefox without problems.

    So I uninstalled V22, installed V21 again, then installed bestvideodownloader as before, and it worked perfectly. I also switched off the auto upgrade feature, so Firefox can’t upgrade until I want it to.

    There it will stay at V21 until this incompatibility problem is fixed.

    1. Keith Westhead wrote on

      For anyone following this thread and having similar problems, this video downloader (Easy YouTube Video Downloader) has now been updated to V 6.9, and now is compatible with v 22 of Firefox.

      All thanks to Alactro LLC for the quick response to many, many requests.