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MDN doc sprint with Mozilla Francophone community

Mozilla Developer Engagement serves the Mozilla mission by promoting open Web-related technologies to developers. One of the ways we do that is through the Mozilla Developer Network, also known as MDN. MDN contains a trove of developer-oriented documentation and code resources about standards-based Web technologies, as well as Mozilla’s open technologies like the Firefox browser, Firefox OS, and Persona. MDN is a wiki, whose content is created and maintained by anyone who wishes to create an account.

But more than just anybody, MDN is maintained by a community of contributors. We have bi-weekly community meetings in IRC, and gather regularly (online or in person) for doc sprints to work on MDN together. In the past, doc sprints happened about once a quarter. In 2013, we’ve been sprinting approximately monthly. There’s always an online component, where participants gather virtually in IRC (the #devmo channel), and track their progress on an etherpad. Often, there are also local doc sprint meetups, at Mozilla Spaces, or wherever MDN community members decide to get together.

For June, the MDN doc sprint was timed to coincide with the Mozilla Francophone community meeting in Paris, which was on June 22 and 23. Work on MDN was one of the “ateliers” (workshops) on Sunday afternoon, so there were quite a few participants in the Francophone meetup who took time to contribute French translations on MDN. Here’s a snapshot of some of those who participated during Sunday afternoon:

Mozilla Francophone/MDN sprint, June 2013
Mozilla Francophone/MDN sprint, June 2013, photo by @Sphinx_Twitt

I felt gratified to hear from some of the Francophone community members that they found that MDN was one of the easiest places to start contributing to Mozilla, and proud of the work that the MDN webdev team have put into the Kuma software platform.

If this sounds interesting to you, please join the MDN content discussion group, and watch for details about our upcoming sprints on 26-27 July, and 30-31 August.

Due credit

Here is a summary of the work that was done during the sprint. If I left someone out, it’s probably because you didn’t update the June doc sprint etherpad.

French translations

English content

2 comments on “MDN doc sprint with Mozilla Francophone community”

  1. Jim K wrote on


    This is my first comment here and I hope it is not too trivial for this forum.

    I was going through the canvas tutorial,
    and I noticed something when trying to replicate the results for the example on “Arcs”. The default
    height of the canvas (150) needs to be increased (I used 250) to get the 4th row of the example to
    display. Here is the html line I used:

    It’s a small point, but as a beginner here, I thought it worth mentioning.

    Thank You.


    1. Janet Swisher wrote on

      Hi Jim!

      Thanks for your comment! No, that’s not too trivial. Thanks, also for reporting the problem you found. However, your HTML code seems to have been filtered out by WordPress. In any case, I’ve added a note above that example about the need for a bigger canvas. (Feel free to make this kind of change yourself — MDN is a wiki!)