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A new homepage for

There are two big changes to, our community directory, this week. We launched a new design for the homepage and we also updated the style across the whole site.

The new Mozillians homepage allows you to search for Mozillians with public profiles.

The new Mozillians homepage allows you to search for Mozillians with public profiles.

A redesigned homepage

Public search: A few months ago we rolled out the ability to have public profiles, and now you can search for those profiles without logging into the site. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to edit your profile so it shows up in public search results. This will make it easier for Mozillians as well as your friends and family to see your profile.

Better browsing: Browsing through groups and functional areas is improved, including the option to sort groups in different ways.

Announcements: To better share future changes to, we have added an announcements section on the homepage for logged-in users. When there aren’t any announcements to show, you’ll see some fun facts about Mozillians based on information in the database.

The new logged-in view lets you browse groups more easily and also shows announcements.

A new look

As we were redesigning the homepage, it also made sense to update the styles on the whole site. We worked with the fantastic Brand Engagement team on the visuals and direction. We especially love their Style Guide, which made the styling much easier for us.

Take it for a spin

As with many site redesigns, this is a large release with big changes to our codebase. If you see anything that looks weird, we’d like to make it better. Please file a bug and we’ll look into it.

Mozillians, this site is for you. All 3,500+ Mozilla volunteers and paid staff. We hope you enjoy the new homepage and styles for the site. And we’ve just begun. We’ll be fixing minor UI bugs and giving profiles some attention in a redesign soon.


A round of applause to Kaustav Das Modak, Michał Frontczak, Sambit Roy, Vuyisile Ndlovu, John Kim, and Tomer Cohen as well as the Community Tools team who helped with this release.

7 comments on “A new homepage for”

  1. Zulkarnain K. wrote on

    > To change your Personal Email, please file a bug.

    That’s not very handy.

    1. Zulkarnain K. wrote on

      Also, Bugzilla is not meant for support request.

    2. William Reynolds wrote on

      Yes, I agree it’s not great and we’re working to make that better in bug 699952. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Joan Advincula wrote on

    I love the new colors but it’s quite a leap. I think I’m gonna miss all the Firefox-y orange.

    1. William Reynolds wrote on

      I miss some of the orange too, but overall I think the new styles are an improvement. I’m glad you like it!

  3. Tom Hakins wrote on

    Hey it’s really something great, it is looking so cool. Seems great amount efforts you guys have put in. Loved it.

    1. Vuyisile Ndlovu wrote on

      Thanks Tom, we appreciate it.