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Grow Mozilla discussion this Thursday

If you’re interested in helping new people get involved with Mozilla, join us Thursday for an open community building forum.

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  1. Susan Sanders wrote on

    Missed the discussion, but wanted to share a possible solution for Mozilla growth, education and future revenue to support its efforts. Search Skate has patented a break-away Internet directory framework that can transform DMOZ’s categories into interest area communities, managed by humans and delivering:
    • A category infrastructure that integrates with social media to promote the category, create “buzz,”
    attract followers and build vibrant communities (global to local);
    • Support services and technologies that are tailored to the needs of the category and will improve
    the quality and effectiveness of the category sites, searches and viewer experience; and
    • A new stable and growing Internet revenue stream, independent of advertising dollars and user

    Conversion to the system is quick; it has low start-up costs; is open and accessible to all; builds community; educates users; and distributes tools and technology. This would eliminate the need for ads, and viewing promotional content would be optional. Mozillians, does this resolve the concerns posted to Mitchell’s Content, Ads, Caution blog? What do you think about this approach?