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July 1st about:Mozilla Issue: Protect Net Neutrality, Safe Browsing for Domestic Violence Survivors, and more…

In this issue, you’ll find out how to raise your voice in support of net neutrality, read about exciting new contribution opportunities, and learn about a new way to map your career path.

Thanks for advocating for the free Web!

— The about:Mozilla Team

Sign the Petition to Protect Net Neutrality!

The Web as we know it is under attack by policymakers who want to restrict access to our most important public resource.

If we stand by and do nothing, the Web will become increasingly closed and centralized, designed to serve the few and not the many.

The proposed new policies set a frightening precedent that will ring world-wide. Mozilla wants the Internet to be free and open, but we need your help.

Mozilla Framework for the Net

Safe Browsing for Domestic Violence Survivors

National Network to End Domestic Violence
The Internet is an integral part of modern life, and Mozilla believes that everyone should feel safe while browsing. To that end, we are partnering with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) to create a guide for domestic violence survivors to stay private and secure while using the Web.

We are looking for contributors with video, writing, and editing skills who are interested in volunteering between now and July 28th.

Learn more about the project and find out how you can get involved.

Discover a career you’ll love

Finding a career isn’t easy, but what if you could use a tool to help you do what you love? Mozilla Discover helps you map your path to your dream job by skills and interests. By connecting Open Badges to your education and experiences, it can even tell you which skills you need to develop in order for you to reach your goal.

The open source project lets you choose flexible learning pathways playfully and find badges in major employment fields to make it easier to match candidates with opportunities. You can either build your own career pathway or pledge to follow someone similar.

Whether you want to apply for a new job, a volunteer position, or find a learning opportunity, Mozilla Discover can help you find the experience and connections you need.

Mozilla Discover


Featured Contributor: Faye Tandog

An industrial engineering student from the Philippines, Faye Tandog went to her first local Mozilla event in 2011, where she was inspired by the passionate community. She says, “Mozilla… welcomes people from all industries and provides unlimited opportunities in various community aspects… Mozilla made me discover my passion for organizing things where I can train and help develop skills of people.”

Faye’s favorite part of contributing is the global community. She describes her Mozilla community as a “family” because they can speak their minds and work together in the open.

Faye contributes mostly by running local events forWoMoz (Women in Mozilla) and the Philippines Webmaker community as well as organizes for the Firefox Student Ambassadors program. Faye’s hard work has paid off: this month, she became the new Mozilla Philippines Community Manager!

Congratulations on your success, Faye, and thank you for being a community advocate!

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