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Celebrate the new Firefox and shape the future of the Web
Welcome to the new Firefox!
After more than two years of development, we’re proud to release the new version of Firefox!

The new, streamlined design promotes ease of use and accessibility. We also worked under the hood to make it the fastest browser out there. And the improved Firefox Sync keeps your passwords, history and bookmarks up to date across all your devices.

Although Firefox’s many new features and improvements are exciting, we also followed our mission: we are making the Internet accessible to anyone, putting you in control of your data, and making sure that privacy is written into your browsing experience.

This is where you come in — help shape the future of the Web by telling us what matters the most to you.

Help protect online privacy

As part of the Web We Want campaign, people around the world overwhelmingly chose privacy as the most important issue facing the internet today.

Privacy is fundamental to Mozilla and a key principle of Firefox. There are plenty of opportunities to teach privacy, develop online curriculum, or do both using Webmaker’s privacy makes.

Here are other ways to get involved:

Firefox OS and Medic Mobile join forces

Medic Mobile Logo
Firefox OS and Medic Mobile are partnering to bring improved healthcare access to the developing world.

Medic Mobile’s open source technology tracks outbreaks, schedules maternal health visits, monitors medicine stock, and connects villages with hospitals to community health centers that support 5 million people around the world.

Mozilla is committed to providing affordable, easy-to-use technology for everyone with Firefox OS.

Learn more about Medic Mobile’s outreach with communities and how Firefox OS supports their work.

How can you help?

Contributor Spotlight

Jennie Rose Halperin is a librarian and Mozillian who came to the project through the GNOME Outreach for Women program which seeks to bring women into Open Source through paid internships.

Jennie believes that contribution is not just for self-described coders and wants to encourage everyone from teachers to documentarians to join together protect the Open Web. She engages other librarians, educators, and library workers through outreach and education to get more people involved in Open Web projects.

Thank you for all your contributions to keeping the web free & open, Jennie!

Featured Event

Webmaker Party
This month’s featured community event is the Webmaker Mentor Community Call. Every Thursday, you can join Webmakers from all over the world to talk about web literacy, teaching the web and innovating in the learning space.

Find out more about the call and how you can join »

Check out other great Mozilla events near you »

Photo of the Week

Photo of the week

North American Mozilla Reps get together for a weekend meetup in Portland. Photo by Benjamin Kerensa.

Read more about the North American Reps meetup »

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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