A highly productive “Hack on MDN” weekend in Berlin

Pitching project ideas at HackOnMDN weekend, Berlin 2015

Pitching project ideas at HackOnMDN weekend, Berlin 2015. Photo by Biraj Karmakar.

About 30 Mozilla contributors gathered in Berlin over 27-29 March to collaborate for the second annual “Hack on MDN” weekend. Together, we achieved our goal of producing a ton of useful outcomes that will improve MDN in different ways, including code, content, community, and processes.

Here is a list of the projects that were accomplished. All of them were worked on collaboratively, so if I miss mentioning everyone who worked on each thing, I apologize.

Platform Code

  • Proof-of-concept for offline use of MDN, implemented with Service Workers, by Szmozsánszky István (Flaki).
  • Prototype Metrics dashboard for MDN, using Google Analytics and database queries, by Rabimba Karanjai, Rob Hudson, Luke Crouch, Justin Crawford, Jannis Leidel, Akshay Aurora.
  • A prototype for opening MDN code samples in JSFiddle, by Flaki, Eric Shepherd (Sheppy), Jérémie Patonnier, and Akshay.
  • A prototype for an annotation system for MDN editors, implemented as a Firefox add-on and back-end server, by Andre Garzia.
  • Proposal and mock-up for slicing MDN into smaller sites, by Vladimir Krstic, with input from Sheppy, Franceso Iovine.
  • Design improvements for viewing MDN on mobile devices, by Thierry Régagnon.



  • A draft of new recognition system and process, by Biraj Karmakar, Ali Spivak, and Janet Swisher.
  • Badge for participants of the weekend, by Biraj Karmakar and Janet Swisher.
  • MDN Youtube channel with screencasts on contributing to MDN, and the Learning area, by Biraj Karmakar.
  • A plan for expanding the current “Wednesday Docs” meetup concept to more general MDN meetup-like events.
  • Roundtable discussion about the history of the MDN community, in preparation for our 10th anniversary celebration, later this year. Recorded by Niklas, with a bunch of people participating.
  • Plans for an HTML tutorial, by Jérémie and Thierry.


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  1. anaran wrote on :


    I am looking forward to

    Design improvements for viewing MDN on mobile devices, by Thierry Régagnon.

    in the hope it will push following issue forward:

    [1067181 – Mozilla | MDN menuitem “Edit page”, “View page” are incompatible with text selection in Firefox for Android](https://bugzil.la/1067181#c3)