Jan Bambach

Jan has been a Mozillian for five years and is a contributing editor for the about:mozilla newsletter. He loves the open Web and Mozilla.

Spotlight on Parth Mudgal

Creating website shortcuts with favicons was something that couldn’t be done for almost a decade – but thanks to the long-term Firefox user Parth Mudgal, the long-awaited feature has finally … Read more

Spotlight on Mozilla India

India is a country of contrasts, contradictions and festivals. Right in the second-most populous country in the world, a huge amount of contributors, who together form the Mozilla India community, … Read more

Spotlight on the ReMo Council

In February of 2011, the Mozilla Reps project, also known as ReMo, celebrated its kick-off. The program empowers and helps volunteering Mozillians to become official representatives of Mozilla in their … Read more

Spotlight on Terry Rather

Terry Rather is a computer consultant who answers more than two dozen messages sent to webmaster(at)mozilla.org every day and enjoys being able to help people resolve their problems. He was … Read more