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Spotlight on Vineel Reddy Pindi


Chances are that if you know about the latest Firefox Campaign, you also know this video which shows Mozillians from all over the world talking about Firefox in their native language. Vineel Reddy Pindi from Hyderabad in India is the creator of it, and in this spotlight entry you’ll get to know more about him.

Vineel is a creative open web lover and a Firefox enthusiast who likes to dream. About four years ago, when he was a passionate Firefox user, he became a Student Representative because he wanted to share the power of Firefox with his friends. He was kept motivated by the idea that his contributions help millions of people having a better experience on the internet.

In October 2008, he hosted a Mozilla meetup at home, which was his first attempt to create awareness about the open source browser. 23 of his friends were present and they were happy to find out that they had a choice to use a better browser. He continued spreading Firefox by installing it on computers at internet cafés and on the campus computers, he even interviewed people on the street, asked them about their favorite features and gave them some swag.

In mid-2009, he created a Firefox 3.5 video ad which played its bit of a role during the launch promotion. After attending many more events, he finally became a User Engagement intern at Mozilla and worked on the Firefox Cup, which was one of his summer projects in 2011. He also became a member of the provisional Mozilla Reps Council, which guides all of the 270 Mozilla representatives, and the heart of the Mozilla India community.

Right now, Vineel’s video from the 2010 Mozilla Summit is being used in the Firefox Campaign and was shown to thousands of Firefox users on the home screen. “I hope this video will be able to give an essence of the Mozilla community to the wider audience”, he says. “The proud moment for me was when someone told me: ‘Vineel, I got tears watching this video…'”

For having spread Firefox for so many years in India and for creating this awesome video, he definitely deserves to be in the spotlight this week! Check out the other Spotlight entries or Bonjour Mozilla to find out more about other Mozillians.

4 comments on “Spotlight on Vineel Reddy Pindi”

  1. Jess wrote on

    Thank you for creating this video, Vineel! I LOVE it! And I think people around the world will too!

    Jan, thanks for the excellent post! 😀

    1. Vineel wrote on

      Thanks a lot, Jess! 🙂

  2. Janet Swisher wrote on

    Minor but significant point: The people in the video aren’t speaking “their foreign language” — they’re speaking their own native language. It might or might not be foreign to you.

  3. Swarnava Sengupta wrote on

    good work Vineel 🙂