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Firefox 73 new contributors

With the release of Firefox 73, we are pleased to welcome the 19 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 18 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions:

6 comments on “Firefox 73 new contributors”

  1. BelFox wrote on

    Thanks to all (new) contributors for another great Firefox release!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Al Jubayer wrote on

    Need 29

  3. Stéphan Sévigny wrote on

    Merci beaucoup au nouveaux bénévoles et aux développeurs de ce merveilleux Navigateur jamais créé a mes yeux. Ce Navigateur est de loin et de très loin même, le plus personnalisable, le plus vite en général quand on parle de tout les cotés. Ne bugs pas, la vie privé est au rendez-vous. La synchronisation est merveilleuse et fiable. Le meilleur navigateur de tout les temps. UN GRAND MERCI À fIREFOX ET À TOUT CES DÉVELOPPEURS EXPÉRIMENTÉS. De vrai professionnelle… Je le conseille a tous.

  4. Andrew wrote on

    After upgrading to version 73, passwords disappeared

  5. stine wrote on

    After upgrading to v 73, the keyboard shortcut to reset zoom has changed. I’m reinstalling v 72 unitl I can find the change request and ask that it be reverted.

  6. Jean Kies wrote on

    I do not want the new version of facebook. The games are not working