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Spotlight on Terry Rather

Terry Rather is a computer consultant who answers more than two dozen messages sent to webmaster(at) every day and enjoys being able to help people resolve their problems.

He was a long time Netscape user and was involved in the Netscape support groups. About ten years ago, when Mozilla support was offered on a Netscape (AOL) server, he started helping others to fix their problems in a forum. “I feel my knowledge of computers is helpful to those with issues, so the newsgroups/forums were a way to reach out to the ‘average user'”, he says.

He also helped people in real life – He was a contractor for 18 years, and apart from being an early adopter of computers in his construction business, he also helped set up computers for dozens of friends in other businesses.

In May 2011, he started to answer every single message sent by people who need help with Firefox or had questions about other Mozilla software or web sites. He’s been able to resolve almost every issue presented to him from very frustrated users. “In their eyes, Mozilla support is the best anywhere.”

He is still helping more than two dozen people every day, forwarding real issues to the right people and helping people with support requests. And for having answered with over 8,200 replies to users in just over a year, Terry Rather definitely deserves to be in the spotlight this week! Check out Bonjour Mozilla to find out more about other Mozillians.