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Spotlight on Parth Mudgal

Parth Mudgal at an Yahoo Open Hack event in BangaloreCreating website shortcuts with favicons was something that couldn’t be done for almost a decade – but thanks to the long-term Firefox user Parth Mudgal, the long-awaited feature has finally landed on the first Nightly builds. This week, we’ll throw the spotlight on the motivated contributor from India.

Parth has been using Firefox for almost 7 years after he discovered it when he was in the 8th grade. He has chosen it because it was faster than the rest of the browsers back then. “Even now, with the tweaks I have done on my installation”, he says. In January, he wanted to start contributing to an open source project to dive into the real world of C++ coding. He asked himself what the one open source application that he uses most was.

The first thing that came into his mind was Firefox – he always enjoyed it and the effort by Mozilla to keep it up. Thanks to the many help documents, he understood lots of things easily. “If developers understand the benefits of the contribution, they will contribute more.”, he said in an interview with Brian Bondy. “I got to learn so much and for me it was a sense of achievement when I completed it.”

He started working on a large bug and had some breaks when he wrote the patch, mainly because of exams and other college-related things. And although he had a hard time finding out certain things and getting back on track after each break, he managed to fix a bug which was filed back in 2001.

Now that he has completed this big mission, Parth moves on to new things. Right now, he’s working on converting a database into a website. Earlier to that, he coded a code review tool which scans files and extracts functions details for showing them in a nice and interactive interface. “I get to learn a lot with so many projects”, he explains.

Soon, all Firefox users on Windows will be able to create website shortcuts with favicons – thanks to Parth Mudgal. And because of that, he definitely deserves to be in the spotlight this week! Check out the other Spotlight entries or Bonjour Mozilla to find out more about other Mozillians.

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    keep it up , GOD bless you,I am proud of you.