Grow Mozilla discussion this Thursday

“I’m interested in helping with documentation. It’s just as important as designing and coding the product.” — from message posted on Get Involved page Are you interested in helping people … Read more

Spotlight on Parth Mudgal

Creating website shortcuts with favicons was something that couldn’t be done for almost a decade – but thanks to the long-term Firefox user Parth Mudgal, the long-awaited feature has finally … Read more

Spotlight on Mozilla India

India is a country of contrasts, contradictions and festivals. Right in the second-most populous country in the world, a huge amount of contributors, who together form the Mozilla India community, … Read more

A Layer of Trust for the Mozilla Community

Mozilla’s primary contributor phonebook, has added a way for Mozilla-related sites and services to leverage the directory. The site is extending access and verification of vouched status on a per-Vouched-Mozillian … Read more