Mozilla Labs in Tokyo: Firefox Developer Conference

Firefox Developers Conference 2008 Tokyo is just around the corner. It’s just a week away — on the 16th of November, from 10:30am until 7pm at Belle Salle Jimbocho. Just like Firefox itself, the conference is free. We’ll have an after party so we can all chat more informally.

To highlight a couple Labs-related projects that are on the schedule: Jay Sullivan, VP of Mobile, will be doing a keynote on Mobile Firefox and the challenges we face in creating the “One Web”. Aza Raskin, Head of User Experience for Labs, will do a secondary keynote on Ubiquity and how to connect the web with language. Later in the day, Dan Mills, lead developer for Weave, will talk about creating a seamless user experience across all devices. There’s a bunch of other great topics and panels, too. You can see a full list here.

We hope to see you soon!