User Personalization Brownbag

Today the UP team hosted a public brownbag presentation in Mozilla’s San Francisco community space where we discussed our personalization proposal from 2 weeks ago. We encourage anyone interested in watch the replay:

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2 responses

  1. JS wrote on :

    OK, “improves brand”, “Increases length of engagement”, “relevant content”. Publishers love those buzzwords.

    Publishers won’t just stop using the tracking data they currently get because they get new data from the browser.

    You can’t guarantee anything with a contract like this. Once a company has the data, they can easily do whatever they want with it.

    I’m obviously not part of your “target market”, so count me out of this. I prefer to use CPU on things other than tracking myself.

    1. JS wrote on :

      Since your google group requires that I join it to post, if I’m very concerned about privacy, I won’t be posting there. To be honest, I probably shouldn’t be posting here, either, since you prefer to dismiss people like me, as being “from slashdot”.

      Also, people willing to answer phone surveys are generally less concerned about privacy, so you are selecting against those who do care about privacy.

      “As a publisher, I’d rather not track secretly” Ha, right. There’s no incentive for them to stop tracking secretly anywhere in this proposal.