Hatchery Update: TogetherJS + Mozilla Summit

Please enjoy our latest installment from Mozilla’s lab designed to hatch promising Mozilla products built by Mozillians.


In April some Mozillians started working on a collaboration service called TowTruck. This has made some fantastic progress over the last 6 months, and this week the team (comprised of many Hatchery mentors 😉 announced an expanded scope and new name to reflect this, TogetherJS.

By embedding just a few lines of code into your site, you can now collaborate on various tasks in real-time, whether development, shopping or other forms of decision making.

We encourage you to take a test drive, and to certainly provide the team with feedback.

Hatchery At The Mozilla Summit

The Mozilla Summit is coming! Members of our team will be at the booths on Saturday at each Summit location. Please come visit us to learn more about what we can do to support your promising Mozilla project!