Bespin 0.4.2, a Short Roadmap, and a Test Swarm

A couple of items to report this week from the Developer Tool’s group here in the labs: First, we released Bespin 0.4.2 code-named “H. E. Pennypacker” over at H. E. Pennypacker is a bug-fix release focused on patching issues in our still-fairly-new collaboration engine. More details on the release are available on my blog.

Short-term Bespin Roadmap

We’re busily working away on firming up longer-term plans for Bespin, but for those of you curious about our shorter-term plans, we recently published a roadmap through the end of September. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Test Swarm!

Test Swarm

On Wednesday, John Resig on our team pushed out an alpha release of his most recent labor of love, Test Swarm. The project allows developers all over the world to contribute their browser to a swarm that continuously tests code. This allows projects like jQuery to run tests on a large variety of browser / operating system combinations without having to setup test labs and servers, etc.–an effort beyond the reach of most open-source projects.

We’re all very excited about the potential of Test Swarm to increase the quality of JavaScript code in projects world-wide. Read more over at John’s blog.

– Ben Galbraith, on behalf of the Bespin and Test Swarm teams