Personas Gallery Welcomes Its 20,000th Design

Approximately ten weeks ago, the Personas gallery welcomed its 10,000th design. Today, we’re happy to announce that that the gallery has since doubled in size.

The Personas experiment launched on March 31st to give you easy-to-style, easy-to-share “skins” for your Firefox browser. The results have been inspiring. Since the launch, Personas has been downloaded by nearly 7 million people, who have now have access to designs from over 10,000 artists.

lots of personas

With the support of the Personas community, we continue to make it easier for artists to create new designs and have them be discovered. We developed step-by-step templates for creating designs, raised awareness of the preview functionality, and offered links to free, online tools that anyone can use to create great looking art for the browser. We also implemented a “movers and shakers” category on our homepage, which features the three fastest growing designs over the past 24 hours, and developed a dashboard for anyone to monitor the number of Personas in the approval queue.

We are proud of the community’s large and vibrant gallery of art, and excited about continuing to make it better.

What’s Next?

Between now and the 30,000th design, we’ll continue to improve Personas as an easy-to-use platform for artists. If you have ideas, please discuss and debate them with the community in our discussion group. Finally, if you have an inner-artist, join thousands of others in the Personas community by creating your own Persona art work and sharing it our gallery for millions of people around the globe to enjoy.

– Toby Elliott, Myk Melez, Ryan Doherty, and Suneel Gupta on behalf of the Personas development team