Seeking Jetpack Instructors: Join Our Community Evangalism Team

Jetpack’s goal is to be extension development for everybody. As part of that goal, we are putting out an open call for people to join the community of coders, instructors, and bloggers helping others learn how to write jetpacks to make the browser a better place to work, play, and communicate.

In particular, we’d love to see:

  • Introductory talks/slides-decks about what Jetpack is, and how to use it
  • Jetpack tutorials and walkthroughs

We are planning on organizing events around the world to get people engaged, excited, and using Jetpack to get real-world feedback on Jetpack’s platform and it’s needs—shaping the future of Jetpack and browser development. For example, on October 2nd, we’ll be running a 24-hour Hackathon in Prague. The Hackathon starts with a set of hands-on lessons on learning to use Jetpack. As part of the effort to bring more creators and pedagogues into the mix, we’ll be highlighting and promoting your work. We may also help you find speaking and other evangelist opportunities. There’s also the possibility that if your Jetpack talk or tutorial stands out as an exemplar, we’ll sponsor your participation including travel at one of these events, like the inagural Hackathon in Prague.

How To Get Involved

  • Create your tutorial or talk. If you are doing a talk, please also create a video of you giving the talk (a la this tutorial from John Resig on jQuery)
  • Add your link to the tutorials and talks page.
  • Talk about your ideas on the Jetpack news group.
  • Because Prague is just around the corner we’re hoping to finalize the initial content by the 14th of September. If you write something by then, there is a chance to join us in Prague!

About Jetpack

Mozilla Labs is a virtual lab where people come together online to create, experiment and play with Web innovations for the public benefit. The Jetpack experiment is still in its infancy and just getting started. There are many ways to join the team and get involved:

We’re also looking for a full-time product manager and software engineers to join Labs and work on Jetpack! What title is better than Jetpack PM? Check out the career opportunities available.

— Aza Raskin, on behalf of the Jetpack team