Test Pilot: Ready to dig into some data?

Exciting! The first test flight has completed and we’re now ready to release the results!

We’ve now completed our inaugural Test Pilot study, with more than 5,000 opt-in participants from around the world providing invaluable data into how they use tabs in their daily Web browsing, and today we’re making this data available under an open license for analysis by the wider research community.

With this first study our primary objective has been to provide a trial run of an end-to-end process while still maintaining user privacy. We believe that we’ve been able to gather enough information to answer the questions posed by the Tab Open/Close study while ensuring that we’re true to the privacy policy and guiding principles. All submitted test data is stored in anonymous form, none of it is directly associated with any potentially personally identifiable information, and no directly personally identifiable information was collected or stored.


Data from this study is being made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, with the additional requirement that you acknowledge that Mozilla cannot vouch for the quality or timeliness of any third-party analysis or work derived from the Mozilla Test Pilot Data.

We’re still working on the best way in which to license data from the Test Pilot program. Please do join us in the discussion group, especially if you are a researcher and help us better understand requirements for publication.

We encourage people to make creative use of this data, to conduct analysis and to perform research on these downloadable datasets. When you publish work derived from our test data, we ask that you cite Mozilla Test Pilot as the source. While it’s not required that you contribute back your analysis, we truly hope that you will join us in the spirit of shared exploration and research. Please do share your work back with us through the discussion group.

Tab Open/Close Study Test Data (9/3/2009-9/24/2009)

Get Involved

We invite you to participate in shaping the future of the Test Pilot program:

  1. Install and play with the Test Pilot add-on .
  2. Report a bug.
  3. Suggest ways to better structure the program or improve the user experience of participating in tests.
  4. Add your ideas for usability tests to the test proposals page on the Labs wiki.