University Design Challenge ’09 – Report from SOCHI

The Student Organization for Computer-Human Interaction SOCHI at the University of Michigan held their first Design Jam around the Mozilla Labs University Design Challenge ’09. The event, which drew a strong participation of 26 students, kicked off with some pizza, then went into a quick brainstorming and sketching phase and later into joint-sessions at the whiteboard.

You can read all about the event on the SOCHI blog and see pictures of the event on flickr. If you are interested in the overall process – the SOCHI team made their presentation describing the process available here.

Meanwhile the students at the University of Sydney finished up their research and started working on prototypes (after also having built a series of paper prototypes). For this purpose the students created a database schema which will form the basis of their work:


We are excited to see the results from all groups and will keep you updated on the progress.

[Update] The team at Parsons University met recently for a brainstorm/research exercise and published their results and findings on the Mozilla University Challenge Wiki. The students will continue their research this week with user stories and further exploration of existing or potentially interesting solutions.