Weave Web UI Design Challenge

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In early September we invited the wider community to develop concepts for the question “Visualizing your browser data – How can we provide intuitive and useful visual representations of your browser data (such as bookmarks, history, tabs, stored credentials etc.) on a web page?”

A total of 17 solutions were submitted in the first phase of the Design Challenge and analyzed by the Weave team. After an long round of discussion and carefully going through all submissions, the Weave team decided to return to the drawing board and better clarify the experiences Weave wants to enable, instead of moving this challenge to the second phase. The submissions significantly helped the team to identify potential interaction models and design directions.

The submitted concepts were (in order of submission date):
Luciano Lobato, Sridutt YS, David Little, Eshed Zachevsky, Shubham Sinha, Ely S, Silvio Fachinotti, Anil Chaudhry, Miyoung Yoon, Vijaya Ramanujam, J Newengland, Brennan Moore, Murray Thompson, Scott Fitchet, Maureen Hanratty, a mal.

You can view all entries with short explanations of the respective concept on the ChallengePost website.