Managing Accounts and Passwords – How can Firefox help?

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We all login to various websites everyday. Remembering which username/password combination to use on a given site can be very frustrating.

To reduce frustration, we end up resorting to various tricks. These range from using the same password on several sites to writing down passwords on post-its to using other software to generate and manage passwords for us. Firefox tries to help solve a part of this problem with the Password Manager feature. But, can it be more helpful?

We would like to answer that question by understanding how you manage your passwords and accounts today. We will be collecting aggregate counts of data that’s currently stored in your Password Manager. Note that this will include counting the number of times you reuse a password. We will *not* be collecting your actual passwords.

Test Champion: Ragavan Srinivasan, Project Manager of Weave, Mozilla Labs
Test Duration: 10-minute study, associated with a survey. Scheduled to Dec. 15-21st, 2009.

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