Help us find a great Collaboration Tool for the Concept Series


When we set up the Concept Series as part of Mozilla Labs, we wanted to create a place for the wider community to come together to discuss, explore and develop ideas around future design directions for the Web. Together we created thousands of ideas, hundreds of prototypes, developed mockups and ran Design Challenges. But the tools we used for collaboration always felt somewhat crude.

Originally we used a web forum (based on Vanilla) which we later migrated to a Google Group (mainly for maintenance reasons). We also experimented with building our own tool – Chocolate Factory – and lately launched a prototype based on the StackExchange infrastructure.

Unfortunately we feel that none of these tools really worked for us as well as the wider community.

We would love to tackle this challenge again – with your help!
How would you like the Concept Series to look like? What is missing today? What do you think we need to have to have great discussions which lead to actively developed concepts? Have you seen a tool which allows discussion and collaboration in an easy to use way?

Join us in our thread on the Concept Series Google Group and help us create the new version of the Concept Series (and find a great tool to do so!).

-Pascal on behalf of the Concept Series team