Vote for your favorite Concepts in the Home Tab Design Challenge

In early December we invited the wider community to design a major new feature of Firefox 4 together with us – The Home Tab Design Challenge. Many conversations and iterations later, 47 of you submitted a video, showing and explaining your ideas & concepts.

Now it is time for you to vote for the People’s Choice Award!

The People’s Choice Award goes to the concept(s) which the wider community finds most interesting, most useful and most innovative – or in a single word: Awesome. Voting is easy – all you have to do, is to register your email address (which will act as your log in) and vote on five randomly selected concepts from 1 (“I don’t like the concept”) to 5 (“It’s awesome!”). You don’t need to vote on all five concepts at once – you can come back, continue voting or make changes. Simply log in using your email address.

And to say “thank you” for your participation, all registered and active voters have the chance to be one of five lucky people, who get a fat Mozilla swag-pack for their votes!

Vote now!

Click here to vote now and help us bestow the People’s Choice Award!

See all 47 submissions here

P.S.: With this People’s Choice Award we deployed a modified voting system – instead of asking the wider community to select the one concept they like most (as we did in the Summer 09 Design Challenge) or have everyone vote on every concept (which is hard with nearly 50 concepts in the pool), we opted to use a system which is modeled around the idea of Innovation Tournaments (developed by Christian Terwiesch and Karl Ulrich at The Wharton School). The basic premise is, that everyone only needs to vote on a small subset of the total concepts (in our case 5), which makes the task of voting less daunting. This also prevents people from easily gaming the system by asking their friends to vote for one specific concept. Assuming the total number of votes is large enough, the results are statistically representative and robust. Let us know how you like the system.

– Pascal on behalf of the Design Challenge Team