Bespin Embedded 0.6.2 released (bugfixes)

Thanks to a good deal of feedback and a number of patches, we’re pleased to announce the release of Bespin Embedded 0.6.2, a release that’s almost entirely bugfixes. Big changes are lurking in Bespin’s repositories, however…

A couple of minor improvements made it into the “visible part” of 0.6.2: the new “tabstop” setting and the cursor now blinks. If you use 4 space tabs, for example, you can now set your editor to use 4 spaces for tabs by setting tabstop to 4. Note that the rebooted Bespin editor does not yet support tab characters.

We squashed bugs in painting, syntax highlighting, text selection, undo/redo and more. If you’re using Bespin Embedded, you’ll certainly want this release.

The “invisible part” of what’s there in the code now is all of the work we’ve been doing to get ready for our beta testing of the new Bespin editor-in-the-cloud. The 0.6.2 tag of the bespinclient repository includes a whole bunch of improvements all over the application. Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in being an early adopter and diving into the Bespin code a bit, sign up for the bespin-core mailing list, where we’ll be announcing the test releases first.

As always, the new Bespin Embedded releases are available from

– Kevin Dangoor, on behalf of the Bespin team