Home Tab Design Challenge – People’s Choice Award

After two rounds of voting and nearly 3,000 votes, you have decided and bestowed the People’s Choice Award in the Home Tab Design Challenge to Yatrik Solanki.

Yatrik describes his concept as “Identities, a website launcher, browsing sessions, and a task-oriented ultrasmart search box define my concept. And it’s cool!”:

Honorable mentions go to Chad Pommiss, the NorCal Design Council (M. Hanratty, A. Abut, D. Goldstein, J. Kaufman), Alecsandru Grigoriu and Amine Zafri.

Congratulations to all participants, our First Round Top 10 concepts and the winner of the People’s Choice Award in this Design Challenge!

Our jury, consisting of the Firefox UX team (Alex Faaborg, Alexander Limi, Jennifer Boriss and Stephen Horlander) are now going through all submissions and will bestow a series of honors around March 15th. Stay tuned!

If your concept was part of the top 10 finalists, we will follow up via email and let you know what your score was and forward you the feedback which the wider community left for your concept. We also randomly selected 5 people from the pool of confirmed voters who submitted at least one vote and contact them via email regarding our swag bag.

– Pascal on behalf of the Mozilla Labs Design Challenge Team