The life of a Personas approver

We’ve recruited for persona approvers for the past few months and I realized (thanks to Mary) that we never explained what’s involved in being a personas approver!

The responsibilities of being an approver are pretty simple: you review personas! We have a list of all unreviewed personas that have not been approved:

Our approvers work their way through the list every day.

To review a persona, you click on the ‘Administer’ link and view the full-size images. If the persona meets the review guidelines, you click ‘Approve’. If not you click ‘Reject’ and enter a reason (image is excessively stretched, offensive language, etc). You can also flag the persona for legal review if it is difficult to tell if the persona meets the review guidelines.

Speaking of which, here is an abbreviated version of the review guidelines:

The only things we should be reviewing for are:

  • sexual, inappropriate, or offensive content;
  • violence, war or weaponry images, or Nazi images;
  • defamatory content;
  • references to online gambling;
  • general housekeeping that is readily apparent without further research.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want reviewing personas, it’s up to you (of course, we’d love for you to spend some time each day reviewing 🙂 ). The only requirement we have for becoming an approver is that you’ve created at least one persona.

Interested in becoming an approver? Send an email to with your username for and we’ll get you setup!