Announcing Jetpack SDK 0.3

We’re happy to announce the release of Jetpack SDK 0.3, the third in our regular series of releases of the add-on SDK we’re incubating for integration with Firefox.

This version includes the first two high-level APIs we’re building to enable simple and powerful add-on development:

  • The “context-menu” API lets add-ons add items to the context menu for web pages, so add-ons can give users additional options when they context-click on elements in pages (links, images, etc.) or the pages themselves. For example, an add-on might add an “Edit in Pixastic” item to the context menu for images.
  • The “self” API enables add-ons to access resources (web pages, images, etc.) that are bundled with the add-on package. For example, an add-on might bundle an icon that it displays in the browser’s status bar.

This version of the SDK also includes a number of bug fixes and other enhancements.

Stay tuned to this blog for posts describing some sample extensions that developers have created using the new version of the SDK. And keep an eye out for additional high-level APIs that make Firefox add-on development even simpler and more powerful in future releases!

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– Myk, on behalf of Team Jetpack