Running your own UX design practice workshop

Vitorio Miliano, a professional UX designer, hosts a series of free and open UX design practice workshops in his hometown Austin, Texas. The workshops aim to bring UX-interested students and professionals together and have them work on a particular problem — in the process exchanging ideas, collaborating on concepts and making new contacts with like-minded people.

A little while ago, Vitorio used the Mozilla Labs Home Tab Design Challenge as a starting point for one of his workshops. Not only did the group of attendees develop a series of really interesting concepts in the short time span of only 2.5 hours but Vitorio also did an excellent job writing up the process, organizational notes as well as key findings of this session.

If you find yourself in Austin, TX make sure to join one of Vitorio’s workshops. And if you’re interested in running your own UX workshops – check out Vitorio’s blog post which has a lot of details and takeaways on how to organize your own meetups. If you decide to setup and run a meetup around something Mozilla-related, shoot us an email, we’re happy to post details on our blog.