Get Test Pilot 1.0 Now!

It has been 10 short months since we released the first version of Test Pilot (the inaugural v0.1). Today we are excited to announce the final release of Test Pilot 1.0!

Test Pilot 1.0 solves the compatibility issues with Firefox nightly builds and includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to the user interface from TestPilot 1.0 beta. With this release people who are on Firefox 3.7a can also participate in Test Pilot studies.

If you are unfamiliar with Test Pilot — Test Pilot is an open research platform, dedicated to building a common and shared understanding of how people are using the Web and browser features through high-quality structured data. Test Pilot supports Firefox and the open source community in their effort to make better products.

We are looking for Firefox users of all levels of skill and technical knowledge to help Mozilla create a better Web experience. Join the Test Pilot team now!

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