sudoSocial is a new experiment in the Mozilla Labs Concept Series aiming to build a stream publishing platform, suitable for a profile page server. sudoSocial was developed by Austin King.

Here’s a short video overview of the key components and its implementation:

Additional Thoughts

Long term sudoSocial would be suitable for curating any stream of content, but as we want to get this into your hands very early in the process, the initial release is rather sparse. The system has enough functionality to kick off the discussion and get you hacking on your own personal homepage replacement with just a little CSS, JavaScript or Processing.js.

Your profile will look something like the demo, which you can easily customize.

Here is another example of an embedded homestream where the theme was hacked together in a couple of nights, playing with HTML 5 technologies, and showing some of the possibilities that having full control over your own lifestream can create. The content is hosted on and embeded via a javascript tag.

Getting Started

All you need is an OpenID account. To get started simply log into Being an experiment (and an early release), keep in mind there will be bugs, security issues, and other bleeding edge nuisances.

In addition to the source code, you can also download a VirtualBox appliance that is already setup for hacking on the platform.

This project’s README file has more detail on the ideas that inspired the project. Now it’s your turn!