Test Pilot 1.0 beta released

We’re happy to announce the release of Test Pilot 1.0 Beta , the second release towards the production quality of Test Pilot.

So what’s new? This version includes following updates:

  • Security – We’re now more protected against any type of string-injection attacks and against attempts to use Test Pilot as a trojan horse by giving it malicious code to run. Some additional stuff we’re going to put into place on the backend will also help protect us against denial-of-service attacks.
  • Export your own data – This version allows every Test Pilot participant to export your own test data as csv files. This new function reflects the recent update on Test Pilot Privacy Policy. Test Pilot participants can now run the analysis on your own behaviors, and we are looking forward to seeing more cool infographics in the near future.
  • “Always submit my data” setting – This new setting choice is provided based on requirements of several Test Pilot participants. They would like to have the ability to have their data submitted automatically, rather than manually click to submit it every time when a study ends. This choice is not selected by default in this release; if you want to turn on this setting, please go to Test Pilot Menu, then click Settings, and set it up there.

In addition to these new changes, this version also contains minor interface improvements.


We are looking for people to help us finding bugs. If you have any feedback, please submit a bug report or let us know in the discussion forum. Also, stay tuned to this blog for posts introducing the final Test Pilot 1.0!

  1. Download Test Pilot 1.0 beta to see latest changes.
  2. Check previous and upcoming Test Pilot studies and data analysis.
  3. Let us know your general feedback on this release in the discussion forum.
  4. Submit a bug report.