Announcing Jetpack SDK 0.6

Jetpack SDK 0.6 is here, yay!

The release includes a couple of notable enhancements:
  • It is now possible to specify a width for widgets to make them wider or narrower as needed.
  • Modules requiring access to Components (and Cc, Ci, etc.) must now explicitly obtain this privilege, which means that modules do not have elevated chrome privileges by default.
Based on the feedback we’ve received from users of earlier versions of the SDK, the release also incorporates a number of bug fixes to improve the reliability of the SDK, including:
  • Certain tests no longer fail when run against a localized (i.e. non-English) version of Firefox.
  • Testing will continue to work against newer Firefox 4 beta builds as they are released.
For more information about the bug fixes and enhancements in this version of the SDK, see its release notes. To get started building add-ons with the SDK, download the SDK and check out the tutorial.

And keep the feedback coming, as it really helps us figure out how to make the experience of building add-ons with the SDK even better!

To provide feedback and participate in the Jetpack project: