Bespin Plugin Gallery is now live!

Head over to the new Bespin Plugin Gallery to find plugins for Bespin and share the ones you’ve created.

The new Bespin Plugin Gallery makes it very easy to find useful plugins for Bespin and to share the plugins you’ve created.

Top lists in the Plugin Gallery

By downloading the plugins you need and adding them to the search path in your manifest file, you can easily build a custom Bespin editor with a variety of new features. Need Python syntax highlighting? Markdown conversion? Access to gists? Early testers of the Plugin Gallery have added those plugins already and there is plenty more that is possible with Bespin’s plugin system.

It’s easy to share your own plugins… just upload your .js file (for single file plugins) or zip/tar up your plugin directory (with a package.json file) and your plugin is there for the world to enjoy.

Thanks to Ryan Snyder who took the lead on building the Plugin Gallery and the rest of Mozilla’s webdev and QA teams for bringing this site to life!