Contacts Design Challenge – Best in Class honors bestowed

In early June we launched a Design Challenge around Mozilla Labs’ explorations in the social space. Students and UX practitioners from all around the world participated and later the wider community came together to bestow the People’s Choice Award.

Without much further ado – the Best in Class honors go to:

  • Amine Zafri for Best in Class: Utility (for the solution that has the highest overall utility)
  • Bianca Pamplona & João Menezes for Best in Class: Design (for the solution that has the most visually expressive concept)
  • João Menezes for Best in Class: Risk Taker (for the solution that tests the limits of current thinking)
  • Toby Shorin for Best in Class: Producible (for the solution that would be the easiest to ship to users immediately)

And the People’s Choice Award (as voted by the wider Mozilla Labs community) goes to:

Congratulations to all participants, the winner of the People’s Choice Award and the Best in Class honorees in this Design Challenge!

Head over to the Design Challenge page and see the winning concepts.

– Pascal on behalf of the Mozilla Labs Design Challenge Team